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Database Administration

The senior management at Carotechs has over 22 years of experience at Oracle Corporation and has led the team in Carotechs from the start to build a world class database administration team which caters to the clients worldwide.

Carotechs has been relentlessly pursuing new and improved technologies in the database domain and supported clients by accelerating the never ending facets of innovation. Carotechs will transform your business by improving operational efficiency by adding value in the areas of project management, delivery process by reducing cost with bleeding edge applications.

The DBA’s at Carotechs design and develop database schemas, database models and monitors system to improving database performance , scalability, security and high availability. Carotechs plans, co-ordinates and implements security measure to safeguard the database.

Value Added Services by Carotechs


  • Integrates End-to-end Database Administration
  • Warehousing, Development and Production Support
  • On-Call Support and ability to meet SLAs
  • Performance Tuning, Issue Tracking, Ticketing System and DB Monitoring etc
  • Database Monitoring – 24x7x365 surveillance of your database
  • Database Installation, Patches, Upgrades and Refreshing


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