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Shape Your Ideas Into Reality With Our Appcelerator Titanium Developers

Appcelerator Titanium is an extensible development environment for creating beautiful native apps across different mobile devices and OSs including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, as well as hybrid and HTML5. It includes an open source SDK with over 5,000 device and mobile operating system APIs, Studio, a powerful Eclipse-based IDE, Alloy, an MVC framework and Cloud Services for a ready-to-use mobile backend. Engage with our Titanium developers to develop quality applications that will have the touch and feel of native apps written in Objective-C.

We ensure shaping your ideas with our skills to bring you the finest applications. We have the capability of extracting the best technology and offer you the hybrid platform mapped with Titanium, which are identical with the native smartphone applications. With more than 300 APIs, the Appcelerator Titanium furnishes you with applications that are more interactive, extensible and have flexible storage facilities.

Advantages in Titanium Development

  • Titanium development framework can be reused
  • Rapid prototyping
  • It minimizes your efforts reducing the development time and cost
  • It supports variety of scripting languages
  • Integrates third party APIs
  • Faster market reach with minimal development time
  • Enhance features of your native applications
  • Supports development of both mobile apps as well as websites

How are We Different from Others?

We have specialized manpower to take care of every special task. Our trained professionals are capable of developing Titanium based hybrid applications identical to native apps. If you have the idea, we have the capability to turn them into reality. We use native components to create full-fledged applications. You can also integrate these applications with popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our development services ensure you to have:

  • Customized applications for Android and iPhone
  • Multimedia applications with access to other native apps
  • Flexible storage, unlimited extensibility and functionality
  • Applications that can be easily deployed across multiple OS
  • Re-usable codes that will reduce development cost

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